Premarital Counseling

Therapy is for Everyone  -  Premarital Counseling 

Premarital counseling focuses on teaching the couple how to sustain the fresh alive love that naturally occurs with newly "in love" couples.

Premarital counseling is focused on educating the couple on how to maintain good love over a life time. 

Sustainable love which occurs in committed long term relationships is based on healthy non-defensive interaction between partners. Healthy love is evident when there is a willingness to meet and respond to the needs of your partner in a don-defensive and non-reactive way. Love feels good when it comes from a healthy connection between partners. Love feels good when it is mutual and reciprocal, with a back and forth exchange between the participants. Love is a respectful, thoughtful, considerate hearing and responding to the needs of one's partner. Couples build trust in one another through the mutual exchange of consistently meeting each other's need for connection and love with mindful care. When this occurs in relationship the partners are soothed and feel safe and secure. 

The sessions include: your attachment histories, learning your maps of love and pain in relationship, effective coupling, how to become a healing partner, learning to build trust through attunement, effective and productive arguing, understanding the rupture and repair cycle, and developing a great connected sex life. 

"I was amazed at how, when we put these techniques/tools into practice, how good it was and how effortless it was.  It felt natural. The relationship felt good." 

"Our favorite wedding expense."

"After having gone through this process, I feel more confident to navigate our relationship." 

"I am happy we took the time to do this, I feel like it has set us up for success."

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