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What is Psychotherapy

Simply put, psychotherapy is talk therapy. The therapist and the client form a relationship that is built on safety and trust, which allows the client to unpack the stories of their life and begin to understand how things came to be as they are, today, in everyday life. Talk therapy gives the client and the therapist an opportunity to make sense of problematic relational patterns such as roadblocks in relationships, personal growth, career issues, as well as problems with anxiety, depression, anger, and other behaviors that seem out of place and unwanted.
The quality of the relationship between therapist and client allows the change process to begin, it builds up the client's capacity and capability to move forward and risk living the life they want to live.

"The therapist's role here is to help the [client ] both to deconstruct the attachment patterns of the past and to construct new ones in the present"  -  (Wallin 2008).